All Hallows Eve

Son and Sons are truly stoked to be working with the National Trust, Culture24, and Sutton House for Halloween!

On Friday the 30th, discover the tales of mischief and woe from the lives of our resident ghosts. Join us for a guided tour lead by our newest and most spiritually openminded team member, Ms M. ‘Liz’ Driptray. Somewhat factual, truly unsettling.

And if that wasn't enough, Halloween itself (Saturday) is open house for all the family. And its free.
Son and Sons will be providing ghoulish makeup and Madam Driptray will be there to spook the little ones. 

See you then!

The Boomtown Rag

The Sons took on the formidable task of writing Boomtown's 2015 daily newspaper. We became reporters, receptionists, paperboys and editors in The Daily Rag's HQ in Butlers Arcade, Mayfair, while sending out roving reporters, investigating, writing up and printing everything we could cram onto our pages.

We battled the weather to provide write ups such as The Page Phwoar Boys (shameless), reviews on food stalls, Horoscopes, tips for the hottest places in town as well as helping to disseminate the overarching storyline which Boomtown is renown for.

Honestly, Boomtown is an INCREDIBLE festival, with the best set design and theatrical content that we saw this year. Next years Rag will be even bigger and badder!

backstage, printing and our paper boy

The Daily Rag HQ

Glastonbury 2015

Son and Sons returned to Shangri-la for a third year this summer, as The Posthumanists. It's always
one of our more off the wall shows of the summer.

We had tonnes of fun building the most dull space we could (with the exception of our transmogrification booth in the corner) then from 12midnight till 4am each night we turned unsuspecting victims into inanimate objects and had a good old dance with Robopope.
The build crew infront of the venue 
Not our work, but some brilliant Shangri-La decor
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Sandra, our receptionist
Backstage with Clauser, the incestuous nurse.


Backyard Cinema APOCOLYPSE

S&S worked closely with Backyard Cinema to create an amazing 10 day long zombie cinema and scare experience in Swan Wharf, Hackney Wick.
We provided actors, costume and prosthetics and the whole set design and build. 

Heres a brilliant promotional video of the final product.

Glastonbury 2014

We Went, We worked, We Conquered.

We were the third most liked thing at Glastonbury, according to their Facebook Page! How bloody incredible!

Who knew that all everyone wants to do when they're drunk is file blank pieces of paper and dance around with lever arch files and waste paper bins? WE ARE GENIUSES!